From Waldine to Milloup

An unbroken line of dachshunds through 130 years

Monsieur Schneidig, b. ca. 1880 pil Dickson av Dingelvik, b. 1937 pil Ch. Jäger Tipp, b. 1940 pil Frosta Bibbsy, b. 1959 pil Ulvemosens Kasper, b. 1960 pil SCh Rønnede D. Maxime, b. 1965 pil DKCH Rønnede Morris, b. 1968 pil Yanna, b. 1972 pil DKCh, WJS Tranevangs Y. Berlinatax, b. 1978 pil Tranevangs B. Jaschatax, b. 1979 pil KSCH Till v. Teufelsgrund, b. 1982 pil LJGCH, VDHCH Tranevangs CT Zhandortax, b. 1986 pil VDHCH, LDSG89+90 Tranevangs ZJ. Pinjetax, b. 1987 pil VDHCH, DKCHS, KBHV95, INTCH, KLBCH Rosborg's Boris, b. 1991 pil DKBCHS, LP1, NVCH, SVCH, NordVCH, LP2 Milloup, b. 1995

"It is of no relevance to know the lines above and beyond some 3-4 generations", say some. Others claim, that older ancestors, too, may influence a dog's looks and abilities. And then there are those of us who get plain caught up in the hunt for the ancestors - the more and the older, the better. I must admit, that I belong to the latter group..

Therefore, it is with great pleasure and pride that I'm presenting a dachshund line which starts somewhere in Germany in 1866, when a red, smooth dachshund lady saw the light of day for the first time. Like many of her contemporaries among the dachshund ladies, this little lady was named Waldine. 129 years and 38 generations later another dachshund entered this world. This dachshund was also red, but his coat was long. His name is Milloup, and he enriches my everyday life in numerous ways. He is gorgeous. So, too, was his many times great-great-granddam in all likelihood, for so they are, the dachshunds!

Between Waldine and Milloup lies an unbroken line of dachshunds. Some I know much about, others are but names; of some I have pictures, about others I do not even know which type of hair they had.

As mentioned, the line starts in Germany, homeland of the dachshund. 13 or 14 generations later the line moves on to Sweden (as this is the part of the line that I know the least about, I cannot say for sure when the change takes place).

The line now runs in Sweden for some generations, and it is here that a change takes place from the old smooth (and wires) to the longhaired variety. The smooth bitch Frosta Anaconda, 24 generation of Waldine, is mated to the longhaired dog Maximilian (this was still legal back then), and the result was the longhaired bitch Frosta Bibbsy. With Bibbsy yet another change takes place, as she is the one who carries the line to Denmark.

In Denmark the line moves on through three generations of Rønnede-dogs and on to Yanna and the Tranevang kennel. With 32 generation, Tranevangs B. Jaschatax, the line goes to France for a brief spell, but already with Jaschatax' son Till v. Teufelsgrund the line returns to Denmark - this time to stay.

The entire line looks as follows:

An unbroken line of dachshunds through 130 years and 38 generations


Waldine, b. 1866, red, smooth, bitch


Waldine, black and tan, smooth, bitch


Waldine II, black and tan, smooth, bitch


Waldine v. Katzenstein, b. 1876, red, smooth, bitch


Bergine, red, smooth, bitch


Waldchen, TStb 370 (R), red, smooth, bitch


Knopf, TStB 281 (R), red, smooth, dog


Monsieur Schneidig, TStB 588 (R), red, smooth, dog


Grete Kiel, TStB 10759 (R), red, smooth, bitch


Hera Holsatia-Treu, TStB 5248 (R), red, smooth, bitch


Senta v. Fehmarn, TStB 5295 (R), red, smooth, bitch


Schlupfer v. Fehmarn, TStB 5774 (R), dog


Prima v. Fehmarn, bitch


Taxi (v. Fehmarn), dog


Tossan av Tusculum, bitch


Bellman av Ängskullen, dog


Paxie, red, smooth, bitch


Örebro Dick, b. 1932, SKKR 533 GG, red, smooth, dog


Dickson av Dingelvik, b. 1937, SKKR 1480 MM, black and tan, smooth, dog


Ch. Jäger Tipp, b. 1940, SKKR 1617 RR, black and tan, smooth, dog


Frosta Melodi II, b. 1943, SKKR 25 UU, bitch


Ch. Frosta Balette, b. 1946, SKKR 10065/46K, red, smooth, bitch


Ch. Frosta Basta, b. 1949, SKKR 7093/49K, black and tan, smooth, dog


Frosta Anaconda, b. 1955, SKKR 7813/55K, smooth, bitch


Frosta Bibbsy, b. 1959, SKKR 4796/59L, longhair, bitch


Ulvemosens Kasper, b. 1960, DKK 213235Q, red, longhair, dog


Rønnede G. Dominique, b. 1964, DKK 260398, red, longhair, bitch


SCh Rønnede D. Maxime, b. 1965, DKK 288244W, red, longhair, bitch


DKCh Rønnede Morris, b. 1968, DKK 20247/68, red, longhair, dog


Yanna, b. 1972, DKK 26604/72, red (tiger), longhair, bitch


DKCh, WJS Tranevangs Y. Berlinatax, b. 1978, DKK 7619/78, red (tiger), longhair, bitch


Tranevangs B. Jaschatax, b. 1979, DKK 22566/79, red (tiger), longhair, bitch


KSCh Till v. Teufelsgrund, LOF 28233/04173, red, longhair, dog


Tranevangs R. Thujatax, b. 1984, DKK 14527/84, red, longhair, bitch


LJGCH, VDHCH Tranevangs CT. Zhandortax, b. 1986, DKK 7838/86, red, longhair, dog


VDHVH, LDSG89, LDSG90 Tranevangs ZJ. Pinjetax, b. 1987, DKK 15263/87, red, longhair, bitch


DKCHS, INTCH, VDHCH, KBHV95, KLBCH Rosborg's Boris, b. 1991, DKK 27279/91, red, longhair, dog


DKBCHS, LP1, NVCH, SVCH, NordVCH, LP2, DCH-VDH Milloup, b. 1995, DKK 26095/95, red, longhair, dog

This is merely one of the routes possible between Waldine and Milloup. From Knopf (7 generation) there are three possible routes. From Monsieur Schneidig (8 generation) there are as many as seven routes. From Örebro Dick (18 generation) there are two possible routes. From Ulvemosens Kasper (26 generation) there are three routes, and from Rønnede G. Dominique and Rønnede D. Maxime there are two routes for each.

Some of these other lines definitely contain more than the 38 generations shown here. If you pick the longest possible route through the pedigree, then the number of generations may well reach 45 or even 50.

Pictures of Yanna, Berlina, Jascha, Till and Zhandor courtesy of Lise-Lotte Schulz, Tranevang kennels.
Pictures of Pinje and Boris: Rosborg kennels.

Further information on generations 9-11 courtesy of Lise-Lotte Schulz.

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