Pedigree of the Month
December 2002

Area of special interest: Germany


This month's pedigree is for:

Flittchen v. d. Kuckucksweide

TStB 6410787L, b. 30.12.63, Red
Breeder: H. Rösler, Kettwig
Flittchen is the great-3-granddam of Fagermons Matador, who in his turn is the great-3-grandsire of Milloup.
2. Cornelius v. d. Stadt ohne Stufen
TStB 6012827L, b. 10.05.60, Sp, BhFK, Red
4. WS56+68, SchCh
Cherry Mann v. Bach

TStB 546430L, Red
8. Vigo v. Oldenburg
TStB 519171L, Red (16+17)
9. Anette Mann v. Bach
TStB 528095L (18+19)
5. Yvonne v. d. Stadt ohne Stufen
TStB 5810695L, Red
10. Axel v. Ehrhardstein
TStB 525052L, b. 22.07.51, BhFK, BhDK, Vp, Sp, Red (20+21)
11. Wiesel v. d. Stadt ohne Stufen
TStB 5656355L (22+23)
3. Sussi v. d. Sandbank
TStB 6118846L, b. 20.11.61, Red
6. Dolf v. Elsahof
TStB 557041L, Red
12. Benno v. Nierstal
TStB 538796L, b. 24.08.53, Red (24+25)
13. Priemel v. Nierstal
TStB 488305L, b. 26.06.48, Red (26+27)
7. Motte v. d. Sandbank
TStB 5708117L, Red
14. Attila v. d. Ruhr
TStB 548155L, b. 19.08.54, Red (28+29)
15. Knubbel v. d. Sandbank
TStB 550273L, Red (30+31)
16. Kobold v. Oldenburg
TStB 487245L, Sp, SchwhK, Red
32. Bodo Burgvogt v. Nierstal
TStB 437444L, Red
33. Loni v. Oldenburg
TStB 467266L, Red
17. Onda v. Oldenburg
TStB 499755L, Red
34. Ajax v. d. Krim
TStB 427144L, b. 19.02.41, Red
35. Hexe v. Oldenburg
TStB 457442L, BhFK Red
18. Purzel v. Oldenburg
TStB 505151L, b. 31.12.49, Red
36. Kobold v. Oldenburg
TStB 487245L, Sp, SchwhK, Red
37. Mickymaus v. Nierstal
TStB 488316L, Red
19. Queen v. Oldenburg
TStB 509343L, Red
38. Kobold v. Oldenburg
TStB 487245L, Sp, SchwhK, Red
39. Hexe v. Oldenburg
TStB 457442L, BhFK Red
20. Sperber v. Habichtshof
TStB 487308L, BhFK, SchwhK
40. Sieger, GS49 Rubin v. Fuchsenstein
TStB 448833L, BhFK
41. Harfe v. Habichtshof
TStB 457913L, b. 27.01.46, Red
21. Hexe v. Metzenstein
TStB 484190LZM
42. Alf v. d. Todenwarth
TStB 438577L
43. Freia v. Metzenstein
TStB 467281L
22. GS54 Fips v. Wappenfuchs
TStB 535999L, GTSt. 37/53, Vp/J, BhFN/J, Sp, BhFK, BhDK, St, SchwhK, Vp
44. Zeno v. Nierstal
TStB 508888L, BhFK
45. GS54 Daisy v. Wappenfuchs
TStB 517586L, GTSt 35/54, Sp, Vp, SchwhN, BhFK, Red
23. Gretel v. Fuchsenstein
TStB 525053L, b. 19.03.51, Red
46. Sperber v. Habichtshof
TStB 487308L, BhFK, SchwhK
47. Hanni v. Stolberg
TStB 484257LZM, SchwhK, Red
24. Olaf v. Nierstal
TStB 526643, b. 15.03.52, BhFK, Red
48. Zeno v. Nierstal
TStB 508888L, BhFK
49. Ortrud v. Nierstal
TStB 488313L, b. 08.06.48, Red
25. Quadrille v. Nierstal
TStB 526641L, b. 02.06.52, Red
50. Zeno v. Nierstal
TStB 508888L, BhFK
51. Jutta v. Nierstal
TStB 477808L, b. 24.04.47, Red
26. Darius v. Waldenau
TStB 397971L
52. Gerd v. d. Josefinenhöhe
TStB 368087L
53. Sigrid v. d. Drachenburg
TStB 368459L, b. 05.05.35
27. Fanny v. Waldenau
TStB 409034L, b. 20.11.40, Red
54. Cid v. Waldenau
TStB 388522L, b. 03.02.38, Red
55. Daphne v. Waldenau
TStB 397973L, Red
28. Cito (Wülfing)
TStB 508384L, b. 16.09.50, BhFK, BhDK, SchwhK, Red
56. Bastel v. Weissenberg
TStB 480611LZW, Red
57. Bärbel v. Dünsberg
TStB 489917L, Red
29. Bärbel v. d. Veitsburg
TStB 538159L, Black and tan
58. GS53 Alexander v. Saatkamp
TStB GTSt 24/53, Sp, BhFK, Vp, SchwhK, SchwhN, SchwhK/J, W, Black and tan
59. Zandra v. d. Eifelkraft
TStB 507792L, b. 21.05.50, GTSt 33/54, Sp, SchwhK, BhFK, Vp, Black and tan
30. Alf v. Deilbach
TStB 536881L, b. 29.04.52, Red
60. Räuber v. Raffelberg
TStB 507980L, Red
61. Gitta v. Schroertal
TStB 488083L, Red
31. Draua v. d. Sandbank
TStB 559408L
62. ?
63. ?
s As you will notice, the above information is not complete. If anybody can help me with information that can fill in the blanks in the pedigree, I should be very pleased to hear from that person.

I'm looking for information that is as detailed as possible. That is, information about: Name, TStB / GTSt. numbers, date (or year) of birth, colour, titles, working tests, name of breeder, name of owner (or owners, if the dog had more than one owner during its lifetime). Pictures of the various dogs are also of great interest to me, especially if you have the possibility of scanning them and mailing them to me.

knap Click here, if you have information that might help me.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Information in this colour received courtesy of Barbara and Wayne Bolton, USA

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