Pedigree of the Month
November 2002

Area of special interest: Finland, Sweden, Germany


This month's pedigree is for:

IntCh, NordCh, SFUCh, V-71, V-73
Crescat Lemmy-Boy

SF 17439/69L, b. 22.07.69, Red
Crescat Lemmy-Boy
and his litter sister
Crescat Luna-Bay
SF 17440/69L
Breeder and owner: Pirkko and Pertti Räisänen, Espoo, Finland
Lemmy-Boy and Luna-Bay were mated, and their daughter Crescat Filia is the great-3-granddam of Milloup.
2. IntCh Karlslundsstugans Kerio
SF 11356/65, SKKR 11356/65L, Red
4. SFUCh Juwel v. d. Birke
TStB 6312714Lzw, SKKR 7155/64L, b. 29.03.63, Red
8. IntCh, Lux-vinder 64+65, SUCh Trumpf v. d. Birke
TStB 6120261L, b. 24.01.62, BhFK, BhDK, Red (16+17)
9. BS62 Rita v. Wall
TStB 6011799Lzw, b. 01.05.60, Red (18+19)
5. Karlslundsstugans Kanja
SKKR 14058/63K
10. Karlslundsstugans Garri
SKKR 12221/61L (20+21)
11. Karlslundsstugans Ina
SKKR 20263/59K (22+23)
3. Muviro Naltsik
SF 6231/67L
6. NCh, SFCh, V-67 Zekiwa Grand Slam
SF 5781/65U, b. 25.04.65, Red
12. V-65 Muviro Meruk
SF 9576/63S, Red (24+25)
13. V-67 Groggens Brandy Daisy
SF 6502/63S, Black and tan (26+27)
7. Frigga v. Wesertal
TStB 6012082L, b. 07.03.60, BhFK, Red
14. Lando Pik As
TStB 560716L, Red (28+29)
15. Wachtel v. Wesertal
TStB 5814708L, Red (30+31)
16. Grobian v. d. Birke
TStB 6017776L, SKKR 23679/64L, DKK 239571R, b. 28.09.60, Red
32. Holl. Js-60 Wichtig v. d. Birke
TStB 5910482L, b. 17.04.59, Red
33. Eddi v. Bodenfeld
TStB 5714681L
17. IntCh62 Pierett v. d. Birke
TStB 5812606L, BhFK, Red
34. Bürschel v. Nierstal
TStB 561163L
35. Ymme v. d. Birke
TStB 561391L, Red
18. WS56+58, SCh Cherry Mann v. Bach
TStB 546430L, Red
36. Vigo v. Oldenburg
TStB 519171L, Red
37. Anette Mann v. Bach
TStB 528095L
19. Voly v. Wall
TStB 571298L, Red
38. WS56, IntCh60 Benno v. Baudenhard
TStB 550035L, b. 03.10.54, Red
39. Britta v. Rathausbach
TStB 526524L, Red
20. Curry
SKKR 17213/58L
40. Oscar av Furustamm
41. Vips av Furustamm
21. Söderåsens Ninette 42. ?
43. ?
22. Sippolas Napolion II 44. ?
45. ?
23. Söderåsens Gullan 46. ?
47. ?
24. Wodan v. d. Hermannsheide
TStB 6015487L, SF 2401/61P, b. 02.06.60, Red
48. Dolf v. d. Hermannsheide
TStB 540462L, Red
49. Range v. d. Hermannsheide
TStB 5813713L, Red
25. Finchen v. d. Birke
TStB 6016802L, SF 5954/61P, b. 26.09.60, Red
50. Holl.Js-60 Wichtig v. d. Birke
TStB 5910482L, b. 17.04.59, Red
51. IntCh62 Pierett v. d. Birke
TStB 5812606L, BhFK, Red
26. V-64 Groggens Aquavit
SF 11051/62L, Black and tan
52. Nuit Noire av G-stam
SKKR 16124/59L, b. 13.06.59, Black and tan
53. Örnbergets Sabina
SKKR 6614/60L, SF 11275/60N, Black and tan
27. NordCh, IntCh Papita av G-stam
SKKR 25576/61L, SF 10202/62Q, Black and tan
54. Prim
SKKR 1046/60L, Red
55. Jansjöborgs Kama
SKKR 22582/59L, Black and tan
28. Bautz v. Nierstal
TStB 538795L, b. 24.08.53, Red
56. Olaf v. Nierstal
TStB 526643L, b. 15.03.52, BhFK, Red
57. Quadrille v. Nierstal
TStB 526641L, b. 02.06.52, Red
29. Jetti Pik As
TStB 546381L, Red
58. Axel v. Ehrhardstein
TStB 525052L, b. 22.07.51, BhFK, BhDK, Vp, Sp, Red
59. Stolze v. Nierstal
TStB 527923L
30. Axel v. Ehrhardstein
TStB 525052L, b. 22.07.51, BhFK, BhDK, Vp, Sp, Red
60. Sperber v. Habichtshof
TStB 487308L
61. Hexe v. Metzenstein
TStB 484190LZM
31. Deisy v. d. Diebischen Elster
TStB 5714981L
62. IntCh59, GS59, BS57+58 Jockel Pik As
TStB 546378L, GTSt 32/56, Sp, Vp, BhFK
63. Cora v. d. Diebischen Elster
TStB 558498L
s As you will notice, the above information is not complete. If anybody can help me with information that can fill in the blanks in the pedigree, I should be very pleased to hear from that person.

I'm looking for information that is as detailed as possible. That is, information about: Name, TStB / GTSt. numbers, date (or year) of birth, colour, titles, working tests, name of breeder, name of owner (or owners, if the dog had more than one owner during its lifetime). Pictures of the various dogs are also of great interest to me, especially if you have the possibility of scanning them and mailing them to me.

knap Click here, if you have information that might help me.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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