Pedigree of the Month
October 2002

Area of special interest: Denmark, England


This month's pedigree is for:

Skovkildegårds Wee Jasmin

DKK 212790, b. 06.08.1960
Breeder and owner: Ed. Clemmensen, Skovkildegård, Tåstrup, Denmark
Skovkildegårds Wee Jasmin is the great-4-granddam of Furupilens Jesper, who in his turn is the greatgrandsire of Milloup. Wee Jasmin's dam was imported to Denmark in 1960 in whelp to Ch. Javan of Jaldon.
All dogs mini longs, except where otherwise stated.
2. ICH, GBCH Javan of Jaldon
KCSB 1278AR, KCReg 6117?/56, b. 23.06.56, Red
4. GBCH Priorsgate Marlenwood Royce
KCSB 552AM, b. 26.06.51, Black and tan
8. Charles of Marlenwood
KCSB 1234AG, b. 01.04.47, Red (16+17)
9. Marlenwood Meenah
KCReg 20555/48 (18+19)
5. Sari of Waldberg
KCReg 71495/54
10. Nicholas of Waldberg
KCReg 41093/52 (20+21)
11. Myra of Helenarth
KCReg 88621/50 (22+23)
3. Menthe Wee Waldfee
DKK 210693P, b. 15.09.58, Black and tan
6. Marlenwood Debonaire
KCReg 4320/58
12. Charles of Marlenwood
KCSB 1234AG (24+25)
13. Marlenwood Amber
KCSB 13913AP, b. 17.04.55, Red (26+27)
7. Esspeejay Nightfall
KCReg 34991/57
14. Marlenwood Micke
15. Esspeejay Begum
16. GBCH Robsvarl Red Robin
KCSB 144AG, b. 30.03.44, Red
32. Robsvarl Redwing
33. Robsvarl Curlew
17. Myowne of Marlenwood
KCReg 42609/45
34. Robsvarl Martin
35. Foam of Fulvens
18. Robsvarl Raven
KCReg 8572/42
36. Fiddlesticks of Fulvens
37. Ladybird of Primrosepatch
19. Laune of Marlenwood 38. Robsvarl Martin
39. Foam of Fulvens
20. GBCH Jake of the Yeld
40. Little Jose of the Yeld
41. Our Cherry Pie
21. Primrosepatch Friarscrag
KCReg 2163/51
42. GBCH John of Mornyvarna
43. Gay Lottchen of Mornyvarna
22. Richard of Mornyvarna
KCReg 19113/48
44. Rex of Mornyvarna
45. Pricilla of Mornyvarna
23. GBCH Highbury Pal
KCSB 2116AG, b. 24.07.47, Red
46. GBCH Marcus of Mornyvarna
47. Helens Pride
24. GBCH Robsvarl Red Robin
48. Robsvarl Redwing
49. Robsvarl Curlew
25. Myowne of Marlenwood
KCReg 42609/45
50. Robsvarl Martin
51. Foam of Fulvens
26. Marlenwood Marksman 52. GBCH Springmount Madrigal
53. Marlenwood Merrily
27. Amber of Marlenwood 54. GBCH John of Mornyvarna
55. Gracechurch Trixie
28. GBCH Jamie of Marlenwood
KCSB 520AJ, KCReg 66723/50, b. 08.04.50, Black and tan
56. Charles of Marlenwood
57. Marlenwood Meenah
29. Amber of Marlenwood 58. GBCH John of Mornyvarna
59. Gracechurch Trixie
30. Esspeejay Confucius
KCSB 1459AP, b. 02.07.54, Red
60. GBCH Querns Tango of Gladsmuir, mini smooth
61. Esspeejay Brittania
31. Esspeejay Nubian Queen 62. GBCH Primrosepatch Jasper
63. Primrosepatch Black Tulip
s As you will notice, the above information is not complete. If anybody can help me with information that can fill in the blanks in the pedigree, I should be very pleased to hear from that person.

I'm looking for information that is as detailed as possible. That is, information about: Name, TStB / GTSt. numbers, date (or year) of birth, colour, titles, working tests, name of breeder, name of owner (or owners, if the dog had more than one owner during its lifetime). Pictures of the various dogs are also of great interest to me, especially if you have the possibility of scanning them and mailing them to me.

Information in this colour received courtesy of Barbara and Wayne Bolton, USA

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