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Dansk Gravhundeklub
(Danish Dachshund Club)


Dansk Kennel Klub
(Danish Kennel Club)

Deutscher Teckel Klub
(German Dachshund Club)
DTK Gruppe Celle

Dachsie friends at home and abroad

Our former group with the DTK, Gruppe X, DTK Berlin-Brandenburg, where we still have many friends.
Iris Koehler's homepage with a presentation of her dachshunds and her kennels. Both Iris, her husband Jörg, and their two dachshunds, Coco and Clara, are special friends of ours since we visited them back in March 1999. Since then Coco has had a litter of puppies, and her daughter Easy was added to the family. - German text.
Zeppos, Ulan and Kalou
Kia and Jan in Holland have a very nice homepage about dachshunds. Nice pictures of their own terrible threesome together with a presentation of other Dutch breeders, information about shows and other venues in Holland and Belgium, etc. Great page. - Dutch and English text.
Lidy's smooths
Our friend Lidy Hulsbosch in Holland has started her homepage. The page is not so big yet, but it does contain some of Lidy's very beautiful and original drawings of her smooth dachshunds - and they are really worth a visit. - Dutch and English text.
Sunsong wires
The Sunsong kennels in England have a very comprehensive homepage with a presentation of their own wirehairs and a host of general information on dachshunds. Also a very large selection of links to almost anything to do with dachshunds around the world. - English text.
Oscar For once a comic strip with a dachshund as the main character. Oscar's life is never boring, and Dale Taylor draws and converts into human language. - English text.
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge. A homepage dedicated to the dachshunds who are no longer with us. Uffe has his own little memorial corner at on this page. - English text.

Good allround dachsie links collections

Richard Nevilles Doxilinks - English text.

Winston's Ultimate Dachshund Links - English text.

Petcrest Dachshund Links Page - English text.


Other links, tips for homepage builders

Hennings Tour de World
Henning Grytter's Tour de World. Henning is a very nice person, who's been answering my - not always very intelligent - questions about homepage construction for well over a year now. His homepage has a wide scope and is definitely worth a visit. If you're thinking about building your own homepage, you can find tips and advice in Henning's Help for Newbies. - Danish text (part of the page in English, too).
Web Graphics on a Budget Web Graphics on a Budget. A great homepage with a lot of tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, all very easy to follow. It's always a pleasure to visit this page, especially as Mardi Wetmore has not fallen for the temptation to plaster the page with advertising banners, distribute cookies, or other such fairly common occurrences, even though the page does also include a fairly large selection of free web graphics. Good PSP links section, too. Definitely the "pick of the litter" - English text.
Stone's WebWriter
Stone's WebWriter - the program used for the generation of this homepage. A nice program to work with (the program is in Danish). The program is freeware if you're a private user - Danish text.
Paint Shop Pro Paint Shop Pro. The program I use for making graphics for this homepage. A very good program that is easy to work with - especially when you have Mardi's tutorials handy. - English text.
Gif Construction Set
Gif Construction Set. A handy little program for generating animated gif files. The program can also do text effects etc. - English text.
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