Milloup's nephews and nieces
Alex summer of 1998 s Way back, when Milloup and his siblings left home, one sister, Alex, stayed behind with Mogens as a companion for the puppies' dam, "old Mama Line".
And after having had one litter from Line, Mogens was bitten by the bug and no more than two years elapsed before he decided that Alex, too, was to taste the fruits of motherhood.
Her first litter, 6 bitches and one single male sired by German import Czardostax v. d. Teschenhöhle, was born on 12 July 1998.
And when it turned out that this experiment went very well indeed, Mogens soon decided to try again one year later.

The second litter

Consequently, on 30 September 1999, Milloup's sister Alex gave birth to a homogeneous litter consisting of 3 bitches and 3 males. Sire was once again Czardostax v. d. Teschenhöhle.
The lying-in started around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and one interested bystander was the by now 10 years old Mama Line.
Little, hungry dachshund puppies

In the next picture, on the right, the puppies are some days older and have put on quite some weight.
Notice the plump posteriors!

Alex is a formidable dam who takes very good care of her offspring. In the picture on the left the puppies are only a couple of days old, but as can be seen they have already mastered the essentials in this world; they've found the bar - the milk bar, that is..

Slightly bigger, still hungry dachshund puppies

According to the rules of the Danish Kennel Club puppies must be named before they're 3 weeks old. Mogens had some difficulties coming up with names, but with perfect timing his grandchildren paid him a visit - bringing along the puppies' big sister Luna, by the way - and the children decided on the following names: Cita, Tanja, Josefine, Viktor, Buster and Skipper.
Pedigree of the puppies can be found here.
First experiences with dairy productsLuna thought it was very exiting to come "home" for a visit, and she sniffed interestedly around the puppies. Brother Felix also paid a visit while the puppies were small, but he was not in the least interested in these little squealing creatures - he'd much rather spend his time outside making bar codes!

When the puppies were 3 weeks old, Mogens started feeding them other foods, primarily yoghurt. The puppies took to this new food like ducks to water - including attempts to swim in it. Yoghurt furthers family ties by giving the puppies (after they've rolled themselves in it) the opportunity to socialize in one big happy bundle while licking surplus yoghurt off each other.

Gradually, the puppies grew more lively, and soon the box was not enough to contain them. Alex left them for progressively longer spells, and old Line acted as stand in. However, Line is of the firm opinion that she has already done her duty where motherhood is concerned, so when the puppies tried to wheedle their way underneath her "milk bar", they were informed in no uncertain terms that they'd better back off.
In order to give the puppies room for playing without sacrificing anything up to around 1 meter within the eitire house, the lively bunch was later moved to a "kindergarden" in the stables - where also Milloup and Alex spent part of their puppyhood - and a piglet lamp was set up to keep everybody warm.
Experiencing the world outside the basket
May 2001: We've just been told that Alex is once again expecting a litter sired by Czardostax, birth will take place sometime in June. Should anybody be interested, Mogens can be contacted on phone (+45) 75 69 32 37.


The first litter

7 in a row - 5 weeks old
Alex's first litter, 6 bitches and one male, b. 12 July 1998:
Felix, Julia (Britta), Tulle, Luna, Ricke, Camilla and Ping (Emma).

One puppy now has his own page. Visit Viktor.

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