VDHCH 1994, DKCHS 1995, INTCH 1995, KBHV 1995, KLBCH 1996, Sporpr.

Rosborg's Boris
Champ. Boris
Breeder and owner:
Pernille Rosborg, veterinary surgeon
Tværvejen 10, Aale
DK-7160 Tørring
Tel. (+45) 75 67 65 67


Boris was born on 3 november 1991 in the second litter of his mother, Tranevangs ZJ Pinjetax (affectionately known as Dixie). Apart from Pernille and her husband the family consists of Dixie, Rosborg's Amalie (from Dixie's first litter) Boris and Billie from the second litter, and Rozzo, also a dachshund, but no immediate relation to the others. The family lives on a small farm.

I saw Boris for the first time at the Danish Dachshund Club's show in Silkeborg, DK in 1992. Boris was entered in the puppy class, and he was rated as Very Promising and Best Puppy, while my old Uffe took part in the veterans' competition.

Boris, 3 months old
Uffe retired, and I didn't see Boris again until after Uffe's death. Once again the scenario was the Danish Dachshund Club's show in Silkeborg, the year was 1995, and Boris marched away with almost anything there was to take. He was Best of Breed, Best Champion in Show and Best in Show 3.

However, before all these honours came his way I had already noticed him, not only for his excellent looks, but especially for his nice temper. As a matter of fact, Boris is one of the nicest dogs I've ever come across and, fortunately, he's passed on his lovely disposition to the son of his with whom I'm nowadays sharing my bed.

Boris at home When I lost Uffe, I needed some time before I was ready to start once again with a new dog. The wound needed time to heal before there was room in my life for another dog. Late in the summer of 1995 I felt the time was drawing near when I was ready for a new companion, and so I decided to call Pernille in order to ask whether Boris was going to have siblings sometime in the future. He wasn't, as a matter of fact. Dixie was by then too old to go through another pregnancy, but on the other hand Boris was to become af father soon.

So I was referred to Mogens Juul Nielsen in Juelsminde, the breeder of Milloup. Before taking a definitive decision I visited both Boris and the expectant mother, Line, in their homes, and I liked what I saw.

Boris was just as much a darling in his own home as abroad, and Line was - one week before the birth - so chubby that a rollerskate below the belly for support would not have come amiss.

Since becoming the "mother" of a son of Boris almost 3 years ago I've always been able to turn to Pernille for knowledgeable help and advice. She has always been willing to answer my - sometimes fairly confused - questions about being a puppy owner, dogshows, field trials, etc.

We've also met at shows, such as Herning 1996 where this picture was taken. Boris and Milloup were in complete agreement that I ought to hand over what edible stuff was in my pocket. Not just the temper, but also the appetite has been passed on...

Hi there, I'm hungry!

7 years and still going strong

Herning 1998
He's not past it yet, our old man. On Sunday 8 November 1998 father and son once again took part in the yearly DKK show in Herning. As Boris celebrated his 7 birthday a few days before the show, he was this time entered in both the champions' and the senoirs' class. Out of 16 longhaired standards present only the 3 champion dogs were rated as eligible for CKs by the stern judge. Milloup had to "settle for" a placement as first out of five in the working dogs' class - but without the CK that would also have given him his first CAC, had it been given. This left Boris in charge of defending the family colours, and we can proudly announce that he did this in great style with placements as Best Champion, BHK1, Best Senior and Best of Breed - on the way beating i.a. the dog that had just one day before been selected as BOB and BIS 3 (of 152 dachshunds) at the Dachshund Club variety show in Vejen.

As our breed was through already before noon, Pernille elected not to take part with Boris in the closing competitions late in the afternoon. On merit of his results Boris was eligible for participation in both the competition "Best Senior of the Day" and "Best of Group 4", but how he might have fared there, we shall never know.

Silkeborg 1999
Winter came and went, spring came along and so, too, unfortunately did the rain on 23 May, the day of the Silkeborg show. Silkeborg is probably the place where Boris has celebrated the biggest triumphs of his career, and 1999 was no exception to that rule. Our old man started with elan by winning the champions' class. Next it was Milloup's turn in the working dogs' class, and he was placed second out of seven and received a CK.
I the competition for best male Boris followed up on his success in Herning by winning the class, with Milloup placed fourth, so once again Boris was BHK1. With this win he won the Erco Trophy for the third time, so that trophy now stays with Boris for good.
And hardly had the furore died down before Boris was once again presented in the ring - this time in the seniors' competition. This class, too, he duly won, but there it stopped. In the competition for BOB he had to settle for second place, as he was beaten by a dazzling maiden of just 2 years.

Once again Pernille chose to go home before the closing competitions took place, so no results were obtained there. Still:

Not bad, dad!!

Button Horsholms J. Eveline

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