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Line, May 1997
Breeder: Vibeke Schaumann, Horsens, DK
Owner: Mogens Juul Nielsen, Juelsminde, DK

Line was born on 7 September 1989, and when still a puppy she came to live with the Nielsen Family where, originally, she belonged to the son of the family. He took her along everywhere, and one of her greatest pleasures was riding in his car. Time went by, the son moved out but Line stayed on. When Line was almost 6 years old Mogens decided it was time for her to have a litter of puppies. Soon after she received a visit from a lovely, red knight by the name of Boris, and it wasn't long after this that I met her for the first time. My first impression was of a huge belly with a little dog around it - at that time the birth was only one week away. I liked Line and placed an order for a male puppy.
The birth was scheduled for Thursday, September 14, and Mogens promised to let me know, when the puppies had been born. Thursday, Friday and Saturday went by. Sunday went by, and I was getting increasingly anxious. On Monday I couldn't contain myself any longer and called Mogens.

Yes, things had happened. Finally, on Sunday evening, the puppies had decided that the time had come for them to take a look at the world outside their mother's womb. There were 6 of them - 3 of each.

Puppies, 1 day old
Puppies, 10 days old This is a picture of the poor, tired mother with her entire brood. Milloup had already decided to get to the top in this world, so he purposefully set out to occupy the upper row in the milk bar.
Bones, bones, bones..

Two days later, unfortunally, the smallest of the male puppies died. This left Line with one mouth less to feed. The rest of them grew and prospered, and when they were 10 days old this picture was taken.

My puppy

By then I was itching to get the opportunity to hold my puppy. In order not to disturb Line too much, Mogens and I had arranged that I could visit the puppies for the first time when they were 4 weeks old. In the meantime Mogens kept me posted about the progress of the puppies and he also sent me pictures, i.a. most of those shown on this page.
At long last the 4 weeks had passed, and I was to see my future housemate. I had already told Mogens that my inclination was towards the darker of the two male puppies, but I hadn't taken the final decision yet. Line graciously allowed me to see and touch the puppies, and they were little darlings. Mogens wanted to show me how good they had become at eating by themselves, so he served up a milk dish. The puppies were not in doubt as to where the stuff on the plate was supposed to go, but nonetheless a good deal ended up on the outside of the puppies, when they were milling around. When they'd finished eating, they curled up in a great bunch and fell asleap. Mummy, I'm hungry!
Learning to walk When they has slept a while, Mogens fetched the two boys into the lounge, that I might have a closer look at them. They were let loose on the floor, where they instantly got themselves stuck in the carpet with their sharp little puppies' claws. The lighter of the two, Rasmus, immediately opened his mouth and let out a yell for help, but Milloup was undaunted. He experimented a bit and discovered how to cope with this new situation. Then he purposefully set out towards his mother and climbed underneath the milk bar. By then any doubt I might have had was gone. I wanted the "problem solver", that is, the puppy that set out to solve the problems it came across instead of just shouting for help.


2 weeks later I visited the puppies again. They had grown a lot, and Mogens had made a pen for them in the stables where they could play to their hearts' content, while Line could come and go as she pleased. She was by now getting somewhat tired of being always at their service, and she was beginning to look a bit haggard. Motherhood was not all fun and laughter, it seemed. She did, however, agree to pose for photos with her son, although she put on a sad face.
Mother and son

Now's the time

At long last the day had come. I was to collect my puppy. My mate obligingly started his car, and we set out to make me a puppy mother. The puppies had reached the age of 9 weeks, and the first sister, Tess, had already moved away from home. She moved to Århus, was given the name of Emma and doesn't live very far from us today. The four puppies left behind had made quite a noise when she was taken away, Mogens told us. We sat watching the puppies, while Milloup had one last tumble with his siblings.
Line with her offspring Line had 3 puppies left. Shortly after Nicky, too, left home. She moved to the north of Jutland, where she was renamed Viggo. Rasmus was 4 months old when he went to live with friends of Mogens, and Alex still lives at home keeping her mother on her toes. They are all thriving, we could see that when, in May 1997, we invited everybody to a family reunion.
To our great joy they all came with their families, and not only did we see all 5 puppies, but also the two parents as well. They are all thriving, we could see that when, in May 1997, we invited everybody to a family reunion. To our great joy they all came with their families, and not only did we see all 5 puppies, but also the two parents as well.

In early May 2001 we received the sad news that "our Mum" Line no longer is alive. Line died peacefully on 6 April after 3 days of kidney and liver problems that could not be cured.
Line is now sleeping under a pinetree in Mogens's garden on the farm by Juelsminde.

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